Meeting House Offices - Services
Complete personalized
support, business
services and up-to-date
technology blended with
the historic charm of an
1807 meeting house
Meeting House Offices - Executive Office Suites at 121 Mt. Vernon Street Boston Massachusetts
Meeting House Offices - Services
Our services afford you maximum flexibility
Services additional to rental
Voice mail
MHO voice mail is an option during business hours, and after business hours, with 24 hour access by you
T-1 high-speed internet access
Available at every office and conference room
Receiving and sending of mail and deliveries
MHO staff will also post and send your mail, and other delivery services such as: Federal Express, UPS, local messenger services
Postage and copy machines
MHO clients select their own passwords to access MHO equipment on a 24 hour basis
MHO clients are free to bring in their own fax, copy, and postage machines if they wish